The ultimate journey of a lifetime

It took me only few minutes while flying over it on the first day, to fall in love with Greenland, this majestic, wonderful and still unknown and enexplored country, which I keep calling “the most beautiful country in the world”.
The biggest island on Planet Earth, the land of the Kalaallit, inhabited only by less than 50000 people, mainly Inuits, remains the ultimate travel dream for those who wish to see the planet as it was at the creation of the world. 
The raw nature and life will embrace you in a journey of a lifetime where you will experience the real last Wilderness of the Great North. Whether by dogsledging with local mushers in Winter or sailing by boat with whale hunters among gigantic icebergs in Summer, whether by hiking its majestic snowy peaks or by flying over its perennial glaciers, in Greenland there is a bit of undiscovered awaiting for everyone looking for the ultimate journey of a lifetime.




Inuit settlements

There are about 50,000 people living in Greenland, and out of this only 3000 live on the East coast, the wildest and most scarse populated area of the entire country. Life is simple and still relying much on nature and its cicles. A visit  to the settlements, some of them unhabithed, is the best way to get introduced the the rough life in the Arctic.

Get close to a glacier

Glaciers in Greenland are considered the kings of the land, of the sea, of life. Go on a boat with the Inuits to meet some of the most stunning glaciers on the planet, such as the Knud Rasmussen glacier or the Ice Sheet Point 660, there where the creation of the world began…

Meet the Inuits

Even if shy at first sight, Inuits are very friendly and welcoming and the most peaceful people on the Planet.
Get to know them closer by attending a kaffemik at their house or by enjoying an ancient drum dance show with one of their shamans.
There is an entire unknown cultural world to be discovered!

Winter wonderland activities

Glacier hikes

Get closer to the “Kings of the Arctic” with your expert glacier guide. You will have the unique experience of hearing the constant roaring and rumbling from the glacier while it calves into the fjords.


Get the chance to drive a snowmobile in the wilderness of Greenland while hunting Northern lights at night. Simply unforgettable!

Dogsledging with local mushers

Deep yourself in the Inuit life with a multiday adventure on a dogsledge tour. Explore the off the beaten paths of  Greenland during the day and enjoy the Inuit life in the evening with traditional activities among local comunities.

Guided Summer hikes

Explore Greenland majestic wilderness with a local guide. Combine the hike with a boat tour or a glacier hike and transform it to a lifetime adventure.

Boat tours among the icebergs

Under the stunning light of the Midsummer nights, a boat tour in the ocean where you can collect fresh ice from the flating icebergs and use it as a rock ice for your cocktail on board is a must do experience to fall in love with Greenland forever.

And much more…

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