Otherworldly surprising

Norway  has everything a traveler can dream of: spectacular fjords, uncapped snow mountain peaks, eternal glaciers, forests, the Midnight Sun and the almighty Northern Lights, ancient Sami culture, large, bustling and modern cities and small fairytale fishermen villages, and even the Northernmost point of Europe. A real paradise for Nature lovers and winter sport addicts, but also for those who want to slow down a bit and enjoy life’s slow pace rythm on one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. 


Buzzling city life

Classical Norwegian architecture, vibrant nightlife, amazing food, welcoming people, cultural events of all kinds and only a step away from stunning nature, with blue water fjords and white mountain peaks…all Norwegian towns are special for these and many more reasons, enough to make them some of the best destinations to visit and leave in the world. 

A trip to discover them all, from the cosmopolitan Oslo to the pictoresque Bergen, and then the historic Trondheim, the Art Neaveau architecture masterpiece of Ålesund, all the way up to Tromsø, the capital of the Arctic, wether it is by road, train or ferry is a great journey through the soul and history of this fascinating country.

The most beautiful train ride in the world

The Oslo-Bergen train ride is one of the most beautiful and adventurous train journeys in the world, a must on the bucket list of every traveller and dreamer around. The highest railway of Northern Europe will drive through fjords, enchanting high mountain plateau and glacial steppe. The journey lasts about 6 hours and can be done in a day or with a overnight in one of the tiny villages along the way, such as Myrdal, from where the highlight of the trip , the famous Flåmsbana, a 20 Kms long branch line connecting the high mountain plateau to the fjord by Flåm begins.

Overnight in a rorbue at the Lofoten islands

Meet the ancient Sami people 

Take the chance to meet Europe’s only indigenous tribe in the Sami capital of Karasjok, where you will be introduced to their ancient rich heritage, history and daily life. You will be invited to sample their cuisine and experience their music, including a shamans’ drum session traditionally used to communicate with the spirit world, sleep in a Sami tent and even partecipate to a reindeer migration. 

Hurtigruten: a ferry ride to the end of the world

Ranked with iconic world traveller routes like the Orient Express, Europe’s Danube, and the famed Route 66, the Hurtigruten vojage is definitely one of the most beautiful coastal ride in the world and the most scenic way to explore and visit Norway. The postal ferry set off in Bergen and reach Kirkenes, in the Arctic circle, after a week cruising the fjords and the coast of Norway, with stops in some of the most spectacular sites of this wide and wild country. Come on board!

Viking Legacy

Experience an exciting and incredible journey which will take you back a thousand years in time,  among Viking ships and villages and their unique and spectacular wooden churches, the best preserved of Nordic  Golden Age. For history lovers, we can build up a tailor made tour to explore the legacy of the Kings of Nordic Sea and their unbeatable memories. 

The magic of

Norwegian Christmas

The most beautiful time of the year is also the most magical in Norway. From late November, the lights in public Christmas trees across the country are lit, with Christmas concerts, performances and markets ongoing throughout December in the whole country. A visit to Norway in this period is a perfect time for the whole family to enjoy the Christmas magic, with tons of children choirs, activities and workshops, reindeer sledge rides, Santa’s visits, and a truly authentic Norwegian Christmas dinner experience on the 24th, when, at 5 o’clock the offical celebration begins. A paradise for real Christmas lovers!

North Cape: the very end of the world

Rising out of the dark waters where the Atlantic meets the Arctic Ocean,Europe’s northernmost corner is a place that every authentic traveller simply has to visit. Whether you decide to reach it in Summer, the most busy time of the year, under the mystic Midnight sun, or try the adventure in Winter under the magic of the Northern Lights, this site is the highlight of every Norwegian and Arctic road trip and will provide you with sceneries and fairytales atmospheres along spectacular fjords and the world´s longest sub-sea tunnel. What you consider the end of your Norwegian adventure will just be the beginning of a new one.


beyond the Arctic

A trip to the Arctic can not be considered complete without a visit to the far away lands of the Svalbard. Located at the very end of the world, kilometers North from the Polar Circle, this archipelago is the ultimate location for those in search of the ultimate Arctic adventure of a lifetime. Come to meet the polar bears in their real habitat, discover abandoned Russian avanposts and the northernmost city in the world in a vojage of dream and discovery.  

And much more…

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