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With its fairytale green forests, stunning cities, peaceful and gentle people, ancient history dating back to the glorious Vikings, beautiful coasts and archipelagos, pastoral countryside filled with ancient Viking burial grounds, fantastic biking and hiking paths and the biggest hand made ice hotel in the world, Sweden is a destination that can not be missed when traveling far North; a country suiting needs and dreams of everyone, from single travellers to adventure seekers, to families looking for quality time in nature.  
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Lucia and Christmas 

The celebration of Lucia on December 13th,  is one of the most loved by Swedes of all ages. The glow of the Lucia figure dressed in a flowing gown of white and afire with a wreath of candles upon her head enlights what, in the Julian calendar, was considered the shortest night of the year. Celebrations are held everywhere in the country, accompanied by gluhwein and traditional sweets and mark the beginning of the Christmas period in Sweden.

Ice hotel:
not your ordinary hotel rooom

Located 200 Kms North of the Arctic Circle, the Ice Hotel  is constructed entirely from ice and contains hotel rooms, a bar and art exhibitions. 
The whole complex takes on a new guise every year and every spring it melts back into the Torne River from where the ice is harvested. Artists come from all over the world to help fill the walls, floors and ceilings of the hotel with unique and ephemeral designs and give you the most unique experience you can find above the Arctic circle.

Outdoor activities in the Åland archipelago

The Åland archipelago, located beetween Sweden and Finland, is a popular summer destination among locals and a paradise for outdoor activity lovers. Take the opportunity to rent a bike, a kayak or a boat and go island hopping under the midnight sun before overnight in a cozy hut next to the sea to fully experience the concept of Swedish holiday.

Hot air balloon: Sweden from above

A hot air balloon ride over the lush forests of Sweden or overlooking its capital city Stockholm is the best way to enjoy the wild and stunning beauty this wonderful country has to offer. 

Reindeer walk

Guided tours of northern lights and reindeer sledding are examples of popular activities in the Swedish Lapland, where about 20,000 Sami live in Sweden – with their own cultural heritage, language, flag and parliament. We collaborate only with local eco-tourism companies in respect of local customs and traditions to offer you the most authentic experience of the Arctic you can have.

Sami food and market

Cooking reindeer meat, or ‘suovas’, over an open fire during a Sámi cultural experience is one of the top activities you can enjoy all year around in the Swedish Lapland. 
Beside that, the first Thursday in February every year, Sami people gather in Jokkmokk in Swedish Lapland for concerts, exhibitions and trade for the Jokkmokk Market, one of the most important social events for the Sámi people. Unmissable! 

Cross-country skiing adventures

Explore the unspoiled nature surrounding the Sápmi Nature Camp on traditional skis.
Cross-country skiing is a much appreciated pastime in Sweden and the surrounding forests are perfect for those who love this relaxing sport in contact with nature. Whether you are looking for a skiing weekend or a tailor made skiing trip, Sweden surely won’t disapppoint you.

And much more….

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