An open door to the Arctic


Pay a visit to Santa Claus, indulge in a hot steaming sauna in a wooden forest, go fishing on a frozen lake, see the Northern Lights on a snowmobile tour, sleep in a glass igloo, meet the Moomins, kayak on neverending blue lakes, go island hopping by bycicle…this and so much more is Finland, the perfect holiday destination in every season of the year,  with its inspiring nature, friendly people, captivating designs and architecture, a perfectly assembled mix of urban modernity and natural highlights yet to be fully discovered. 



Summer outdoor activities

Finland is a paradise for outdoor activities.
Get a chance to explore the Lake region from a different point of view by kajaking by your own or with local experts among the thousands lakes and rivers of the Southern Region.


Winter sports

From nordic skiing to snowboarding, from ice skating on frozen lakes to  snowmobiles in the tundra, there are plenty of choices for winter sport lovers.

Meet the locals

There is no better way to discover a new country than meeting local people.
Whether they are the legendary Sami people of the North or the caring Finnish people, you will be amazed by their sense of welcoming and  hospitality. 
Get your chance to sit and eat local food in a traditional Sami lavvu (tent), go berry picking in a forest  or fish with locals and join a barbecue ritual outside a wooden cottage in the Lake region before relaxing in a traditional Finnish sauna.

Luxury accommodations

A wooden cottage in a forest, a snow castle, an ice igloo, a luxury glass villa, a billion star camping site: when it comes to accommodation, Finland has the widest variety and the top quality.

Essential part of life, wellbeing and relaxation are one of Finnish lifestyle highlights.
A truly unmissable experience is to enjoy the serenity of the lakes, the beauty of the forests, the delicious and nutritious wild-grown food, and the warmth of a Finnish sauna…

Wellbeing and relaxation

Family holiday destination

There is so much to do in FInland for the whole family any time of the year. The country of Angry Birds, Moomins and of the legendary Santa Claus has tons of thematic parks with activities for everybody, not to mention forests and lakes where the yougers will delight themselves in touch with Nature.

And much more…

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