A journey to Wonderland

There is a sort of magic surrounding Lapland, the Northernmost region of Europe, a territory including Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.
Whether you prefer the Winter vibes with its northern lights huntings, reindeer sledging rides among fairy tale forests, skiing in the wilderness, sleeping in ice castles or igloo villages, dogsledging in the wilderness or ice fishing on frozen lakes, or you are rather interested in a Summer arctic adventure with blueberry picking under the midnight sun, sailing on an ice breaker or meeting Sami people, there are two things that can not miss in your Lapland visit: a Finnish sauna and, last but not least, a meeting with the real Santa’s in his enchanted village near Rovaniemi!
The rest is just your next dream becoming true!






Ice hotels and castles

Beautifully rebuilt with a different theme every single winter by local artists, each ice hotel is unique and it lasts only for a season before melting again in Spring. 
Useless to say, your room will be unique, too, and, as in a fairytale, it will desappear in the rays of the first warm sun of Spring.

Santa Claus and Christmas 

Make that old childhood’s dream finally becoming true: a private meeting with the real and only Santa Claus right in his own office.
The Christmas magic is about to start!

Meet the Sami

Join wilderness tours off the beaten paths with native Sami people, one of the oldest living cultures in Europe, and possibly the world. 
Experience their  authentic peacefull lifestyle of reindeer herding, try your hand in ice-fishing, enjoy local Sami food around the campfire and listen fascinating yoik singing.

Sleep in a billion star glass igloo hotel

Considered one of the most romantic hotels in the world, the glass igloo resort is a unique and lifetime experience to blend with the Arctic nature, while watching the northern lights directly from your own bed, surrounded by  the silent and white wilderness of the Lappish forests. 

Winter Wonderland

From reindeer or husky sledge rides to sailing on a real ice breaker, from cross country skiing to snowmobiles, the neverending selection of winter activities  is awaiting for you in the Lappish Wild.

Traditional Finnish sauna

The best way to end up a day of adventure in the Arctic and do like locals do, relaxing and getting friends with locals in one of their favourite pastime.

Summer in the Midnight Sun

In the land of the Midnight sun, there are plenty of activities awaiting for you both by day and by “night”, by your own or with expert guides, by car or by sledges, you decide what suits you most and we will find the right solution for your Arctic dream.

And much more….

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