There is no better  way to explore the Arctic sea than sailing in its blue waters. 
The possibilites are neverending: you can sail on an historical vessel from Iceland to Greenland, from Norway to Iceland or even from Svalbard to Iceland, join an expedition to the Svalbard to cirmcumnavigate the North Pole, jump on an ice breaker in Lapland and explore the Arctic sea in wintertime, attend a sailing course in North Norway and even attend a music festival on a small Norwegian island after islandhopping and reaching it by boat. 
The choices are wide, the combinations include a mix of mountain walks, kayaking, fishing, music, food, festivals and skiing.
So, if the sea is your element and is calling you, lets start organizing together your next life adventure.


  • Sailing expeditions 
  • Sailing tours and islandhopping
  • Sailing courses
  • Sailing and photo tours
  • Personalized and experiencial tours
  • 24/7 assistance when on board

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