The land of fire and ice

Whether you dream of visiting it in the shining light of Midsummer nights or bathing in a natural hot spring under the mesmerizing Northern Lights or exploring an ice cave under the biggest glacier of Europe in Winter, Iceland has something to offer you any time of the year.
From the secret Westfjords hidden away among exotic beaches and snowy peaks to its untouched hiking paradise of the Highlands interior, from the the volcanic activities of the South with its stunning glaciers and majestic waterfalls, to the East’s peaceful magic villages, from the North’s valleys, lakes and sea waters inhabited by the giants of the sea to the West coasts, homeland of puffins and lava caves, there are more than thousands reasons to visit the land of fire and ice.
Whether it is a self drive or a private guided tour, Iceland will astonish and conquer you and will make you promise to back over and over again.




Ice Caves

From November til the end of March explore the icy blue underworld of the Vatnajokull Glacier with an expert guide who will introduce you to Iceland’s unique geology formation.

Northern Lights

Discover the best time and the best places to hunt the “Dancing Spirits” with an expert by following the Aurora daily forecast.

Abandoned ghost villages

In the remote peninsula of Hornstrandir, among the immaculate silent beauty of the Westfjords, discover the tiny village of Hesteyri, abandoned in the ’60s and reachable only by boat  during the Summer months is the ultimate off the beaten path location of your Iceland discovery tour.

Flights over Iceland 

See Icelandic natural wonders from above, lakes and waterfalls, the emptiness of the Highlands and, on special occasions, erupting volcanoes will give you a new unique perspective and will make you fall in love with Iceland forever….

Winter Wonderland

There is so much to see and do in Iceland in Winter. You can go hiking on a glacier or reach it by snowmobile, bath in  natural hot springs under the Northern Lights, or go discovering frozen waterfalls along the Ring road…whether it will be on a self drive tour or with a personal driver guide, you can choose every single activity you are passionate about and we can include it in your unique trip.

Summer delight

Summer is the best time of the year to explore this magical land. Days are long and nights are shining and the whole land is an explosion of colours and beauty all around. The best time to drive the famous Ring road and enjoy every  hidden corner “Niceland’ has to offer.

And much more….

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